Use the money you spent on your last event to save on your next.

Cash in your crown points to finance your next event.

Maintain your budget without compromise.

Take control of your crowns points and focus on what matters to you.


Choose to make a difference with your crown points.

Initialise corporate social responsibility activities within your event schedule.

Calculate and neutralise the carbon footprint of your event.

Employ local businesses and producers to fuel the promotion of local commerce.

Let us make your event more sustainable or obtain full sustainable event certification.


Take your event to the next level by using Crown points for the latest technologies and apps.

Share, comment and inform through our personalised app service.

Bring together sponsors, speakers and employees together with one instant program.

Use a Micho-Site to share photos, videos and detailed information from your event.

Audio Visual

Use your Crown Point for all the audio-visual equipment you desire.

Use your points to take your audio-visuals to new heights.

Stun your clients with professional, cutting edge equipment.

Save on costly equipment that is essential for the success of your event.


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